About Aitoc

Aitoc is a web store that provides Magento customer solutions and developed 100+ creative Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions. Since 2001 the company has provided solutions for Magento Community Edition as well as Magento Enterprise.

Popular Aitoc Promo Codes & Sales

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How to Get Aitoc Coupons

  1. CouponSRC website is the most common website for providing coupons and deals. From their website, you can take different types of coupons for Aitoc.
  2. You can get a discount on their service by visiting the official website (www.aitoc.com) of  Aitoc.
  3. In the end, on the social media accounts of Aitoc, they also offer coupons and deals. If you don’t miss that discount, you should stay connected to their social media accounts.

How to Use Aitoc Coupons

  1. At the Beginning of all, you just go to the CouponSRC website and collect a coupon for Aitoc. After collecting the coupon code, you must go to the Aitoc website. On the menu, you find different types of options from there click on the “Services” to get a service from Aitoc.
  2. Now you are able to see all the services that they are providing right now. From there select your desired service and just click on the service and enjoy it.
  3. Here you can see all the details of the service and also you can see what they are providing with your service. Then click on the “Add To Cart”.
  4. At that stage, you just click on the bag and continue with the “Checkout” button.
  5. Finally, You can find a field for “Enter your coupon code here”.Use the coupon code here and click on the apply button. After that fill in all the Billing Information click on “Pay Now ” and make payment for the service.


Here Is The Contact Info of Aitoc


The Old Cinema, Fishmarket Road,

Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7LP

+1 302-294-0528

[email protected]

What Is The Refund Policy for Aitoc?

All the users of Nwhale Inc. can apply for a refund. You are allowed to refund the Product within 45 days from the date of purchase. If you need to send a request for a refund, you must be obliged to uninstall the Product and terminate all its copies and derivatives within the five calendar days starting from the day of the money refund process.

You can withdraw the money from its account. If the company did not send any message of non-acceptance of your refund within ten bank days, the Product is treated as a refund.

What Is The Customer Support of Aitoc?

The customer support team of the company is available from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. 

Monday — Friday (UTC)

Tel:+1 302-294-0528.

Email:[email protected]

Email:[email protected]